Your Accent

Our most popular performance in China

19:30 Nov 9, 2018
Tianjin Airport Economic Area Cultural Center

Premiered at Beijing Fringe Festival 2013 and toured to 9 cities across China, “Your Accent” has been widely applauded by audience and critics all over China, reputed to be strikingly accessible yet strikingly thought-provoking.
Employing distinctive district accents, six actors enacted 30 marginal figures in a typical big city of contemporary China, questioning and striving for the basic dignity and values of human existence.

Night and the city, buildings, overpasses, buses, small restaurant ...... Zhang Bin was a loser who wandering in the urban jungle. He experienced the pain of himself and others. "Your Accent" portrays the "Lower Depths" spectacle of contemporary Chinese cities. On a empty stage, bar singers, dustmen, taxi drivers ...... they were talking about their distress.

Director: Ren Ming Young
Performers: Wang Hailin, Tingting Liu, Kong Kong, Tang Jiayin and Song Bolin
Sound Performer: Wenbo Zhu and Xiu Di
Lighting Design: Yiyi He and Zhengya Hou
Graphic Design: Wang Jiang
Presented by RMYTHEATRE

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